Diety z Chatki is a new approach to meal prep delivery - widely loved and known meals in an affordable price right at your doorstep everyday - healthy and tasty.
may 2018 - may 2021
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Graphic design
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Workflows and procedures
New markets - everyday meal prep
I was contacted by a client who had an idea for a business in a very new and open market - meal prep delivery. The business model he had in mind was new and unique on the market, contrary to exclusive offers already made by others. The owner was aiming to serve quality food on a budget-friendly price.

First logo, with old name "Diety z Chatki"

Crafting brand identity
To get a clear understanding of the brand and its identity, I conducted a Google Brand Sprint workshop. It was an important first step in the process of creating a successful business. We identified key attributes for the brand, such as who we are, what we do, and our target audience. With all this data I was able to design a logo, branding guidelines and a website that accurately reflected this new brand image. Once all of these steps were taken care of, I assisted my client in finding his first customers by offering marketing strategies and advice on how best to reach their target market.
From idea to happy customers
I designed and implemented small scale marketing campaigns to spread the word about the product. We used Facebook and Google Ads, created multiple variations of content for testing purposes, and monitored analytics in order to determine which versions were the most successful. We then adjusted our approach based on these results, ensuring that we made the most out of our budget by focusing efforts on what was working best. In addition to ads, I also utilized email marketing campaigns, influencer outreach programs and other tactics to further increase brand awareness amongst potential customers.

Website before and after redesign

Strategic marketing: growing brand awareness
As the company started to expand rapidly, we had to consider every move and plan ahead for the future - business was doubling it in size every nine to twelve months, so it became clear that more serious strategic thinking was required for the company to grow further.
Scaling for phenomenal growth
I conducted a 2-day CORE Strategy workshop with company management board. During the workshop, we brainstormed, discussed, and prioritized possible moves for the future. We talked about our clients, our brand and we came up with lots of potential ideas on growing the company. This required a lot of well-thought planning and forecasting, but we believed in them and were eager to see them in action.

Part of the workshop team and priorities board

Part of final workshop insights

Brand strategy: planning for future
After the workshop, we began to make changes - I made a slight logo redesign to better reflect the brand and customers. I recruited a talented team of marketing and design professionals to help create the brand, ensuring that all roles were filled with highly-skilled specialists. We also invested heavily in marketing campaigns and building customer relationships so that we could reach even more people each day. To help us handle these large campaigns, we started working with an established advertising agency. Additionally, I shifted my focus from hands-on designing to managing tasks and projects, monitoring the brand and team development.

New brand image after changing name

Overcoming Covid challenges
When Covid hit, it flipped the market upside down. But thanks to emergency strategy session we were able to react properly, comfort our customers, and keep the company afloat. In fact, it even attracted attention from competitors - another company put an offer to buy the Diety z Chatki brand.

Change in online ad branding

Selling the brand and the company
In the end the owner decided to sell the business for a seven-figure sum. The experience of working with the client and helping to build the brand was a fulfilling one, and I am proud to have been a part of such an exciting journey.
"I expected to get a logo and a website when I reached out to Artur, but I got much more than I could imagine. He helped me create my brand and improve my business year after year by asking the right questions and constantly challenging my point of view to always make sure we know why and what are w doing"
Maciej, founder of Diety z Chatki
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