hi, I am Artur Macholla
product designer đź‘‹

I love solving problems through design and I am passionate about helping clients connect with their customers in meaningful ways. Having over 13 years of experience, I am still loving every part of the process.
Whether you're struggling to understand your users or looking for a fresh perspective on a challenging business problem, I'm here to help. Working closely with clients to create solutions that not only look great but also drive real business results.
One of my recent successes includes creating and managing a brand that helped my client stand out, exponentially growing his company from 8 to over 100 employees, grabbing a big share of a crowded market and selling the company for 7 figures.
Let's work together and create products that make a difference - I had the pleasure to work on many projects including branding, product design, webdesign, marketing, print collateral and video production with lots of great people and numerous companies from USA and Europe.
what is my process?
I learned that when a group of people is working on something important, defining the goal early on is the best way to ensure mutual understanding and flawless collaboration. 
Those lead us to the most important result - project success. Check out my approach below.
discovery & strategy
First phase of our exciting time working together. Through an intensive workshop, we'll uncover who you and your brand are, who needs to know about it, how others should feel about you, and why they should care.
Next, we will uncover what the real root challenge is, and brainstorm possibilites on how to tackle it.
The deeper we dig here, the easier every later decision will be and the more clarity we will have moving forward.
designing solutions
Next, I will work on possible solutions, discuss (a lot!) with you about each of them. Then we will discuss even more until we explore every possibility, find their strong and weak points, break, reshape and clash them together until we find the ideal solution to your problem.
Now, it’s the easy part - with detailed plan and design in hand, all that is left is coding, implementation and keeping track of KPIs, analyzing test results and gathering insight. 
And of course, there is always the thrill and amazing feeling to see your plan in motion.
this is what I do
tailored and polished strategy
Thinking ahead and considering outcomes is a must-have for any important project. That is why I always focus on creating a detailed and comprehensive action plan - helping you define it by a strategy workshop.
unique branding
Not every product is purely unique, but every brand is (or at least should be). I love creating personal and custom symbol conveying brand personality and message.
natural and intuitive UX
Ease of use and logic are at the core of everything I create. I strive to design products and services that people love to use and that helps them in their everyday lives.
marketing that works
Even best products can be worth nothing if no one knows about them. In marketing, I always start with choosing specific group and create a message that is sure to resonate with them.
clean and beautiful UI
I always check every detail to make pixel-perfect, unified and consistent UI that is easily expandable and flexible thanks to design system.
stylish and responsive webdesign
Website is essential tool for every business nowadays, conveying your brand promise, message and offer. I always make sure that it looks great on every screen imaginable.
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