Vika analyzes your lifestyle, gives you a score and then suggests 11 Health Paths in diet, fitness and sleep. You will be biologically younger and gain health. Vika shows changes in your biological age instantly using data from your health tracker.

Vika is an adventure that changes your life.

Vika is developed by a team of scientist and doctors and is based on science data of over 550k peoples health and habit history, led by IVONA software founder and creator.
aug 2019 - today
Mobile app
UX Design
UI design 
User interface
Design system
Using science in mobile app design
Vika creators contacted me with a need of a UI design for their project. Their app was in a early working alpha stage, with main parts working and laid out, but with no graphics.
The team also knew that the app had to be packaged into a captivating brand, as the science behind the algorithm was not simple and easy, contrary to benefits for their users.

Balancing the need for a scientific and data-driven approach with the need to make the app user-friendly and accessible to a wider audience was a challenge - even bigger one if taking the need for the app to be visually appealing and engaging into account.

one of low-fi sketches

Versatile UI: balancing science data, accessibility, and future-proofing
I knew that the final architecture of the app was not yet done, with lots more content planned. The roadmap was set, but the designs and user testing for various features were on multiple stages of development.

Keping all that in mind, I knew that my designs had to be versatile, flexible and expandable to speed up and ease up the development in the future.

For the branding challenge, I proposed conducting Google Brand Sprint workshop to the team, as I believed to be a perfect blueprint to use for such a interdisciplinary mix of people - not too long and detailed, but focused on asking the right questions and forcing to think deeper about the product.

part of design system with basic elements

design system of one of the app screens

Building atomic design system
I started design process by gathering a moodboard with various app design styles and talked them over with the team. We discussed every option and possibility, shared and aligned our expectations and get to know each other a little bit better.

After gathering and discussing the moodboard, we decided on a visual style that aligned with the desired feel of the app. From there, we began working on an atomic design system to ensure that all of the visual elements of the app were consistent and cohesive. This included establishing a hierarchy of typography, color schemes, iconography, and other design elements.

After establishing the atomic design system, I continued to refine and grow it as the app evolved and grew. With more and more functionalities ready do design I worked on screens and user flows. 
I made adjustments and added new assets to the design system as needed to ensure that designs remained cohesive.

We also made sure to regularly review the design guidelines and update them as needed to reflect any changes to the design system. This allowed us to maintain a consistent visual language throughout the app, even as we made updates and improvements.
Branding workshop: crafting an engaging brand
I conducted a Google Brand Sprint workshop with the team to identify challenges and align on our goals. This workshop helped us brainstorm and discuss a clear direction for our brand and marketing efforts.

Based on the insights and ideas generated during the workshop, I began working on the design of the logo for the app. I presented my initial concepts to the team and we iterated on the design, testing different versions and making adjustments. Eventually, we arrived at a final design that effectively conveyed the desired message and branding for the app.

Overall, the workshop was an invaluable tool for helping us define our brand and guide the design process for the logo and branding.
Going live and helping with healthier habits
Since launching the app, we have received positive feedback reporting that the app has helped to track health more effectively and make healthier habits. We have also received suggestions for new features and improvements, and we have been continuously working on updating Vika. As part of this ongoing process, I have been working with the development team to bring the new designs to life.
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