In the times of apps, machine learning and AI, medicine is still a field dominated by lots of books and theoretical learning making the transition from university to medical practice is hard for lots of medical students.

Medcases changes that.

Medcases is the new way for future physicians to learn. It is an excellent e-learning tool for medical students and doctors who want to grow through practice on a virtual patient, no matter where they are.
may 2018 - may 2021
Mobile app
Marketing strategy
Marketing campaigns
Strategy workshop
Campaign execution
Analytics & insights
Landing page & newsletter
PDF booklet
Ad graphics and animations
Print materials
I also designed Medcases app before doing marketing.
If you want to see how my process looks like, check it out here!
Launch campaign: driving rapid user adoption
Nearing final stages of implementing designs into code, Mariusz (the founder and creator of Medcases) thought about official launch and wanted to figure out the best way to do it. I offered my help and we sat down to brainstorm ideas, define what we want to achieve and if using marketing is actually worthwile.
Growing user base effectively
We did a strategy workshop and found core problem - slow start and market adaption are a big threat to any startup, as fixed costs are a big problem with small amount of users and it diminshes less and less with each new customer.
We agreed that ideal scenario would be to have a group of users from day one, and then grow fast to be recognized as a go-to app for young people in medical field. Possible, of course, but quite costly, and as a startup, budget was limited with little room to flex.

landing page offering free pdf for mailing subscription

Achieving high user engagement
With our goal defined, we workshopped possible solutions and other ideas for growing Medcases that would help in the future or were not directly aiming at the problem at hand. We also discussed the budget and expected costs for each action, searching for most efficient spending levels.
Having good understanding of expectations and limitations, 
I created detailed plan divided into three parts determined by university schedules.
Launch was deliberately set two months before final exams period in college calendar.
Campaign started one month before launch, in form of newsletter signup for a really useful freebie - a branded 12 page digital booklet containg essentials for every medical practicioner - tables wit nominal health indicators, triage algorithm, ECG basics etc.
Ad messaging primarly promoted the booklet and directed to a simple, converting-focused landing page mentioning key features with link to learn more.
Second part of the plan, two months between launch and exam period. This time the message was all about testing your knowlege and boost confidence - desire of every student before exams. Landing page was updated with download links, as well as mailing that followed submitting for the booklet.
Third part was more organic and long-term with a strong community building in mind. Organic posts and newsletters with best players scores, user personal stats, contests with premium account and print booklet as prize, reaching out to industry influencers, occasional sales, and many more.

pdf freebie including basic information and medical standards

Part 1 stats - on launch day
- best ad - 278k views, 50k unique users
- best fb post - 210k views, 42k unique users
- ~4k clicks overall

Part 2 stats - two months after launch
- 76% of Medcases homepage traffic from landing page with 3m 21s avg session time
- 98% increase in fb profile likes
- over 200% growth in userbase from paid promotion

- In process, messaging was tested, analyzed and refined to maximize effectiveness
- Many versions of messaging resulted in wide reach within target group
- Engaging content - essentials booklet was well recieved and useful to our community
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